GIS Express Checkup

Our Express Checkup™ methodology is an excellent tool for developing a cost effective and comprehensive framework for planning within your organization. Geographic Technologies Group’s years of experience allows for the best value in evaluating, assessing, and formulating direction for a local government organization. Following an award-winning methodology and a 3 day on-site visit, GTG’s dedicated Senior Strategic Planners can apply a lifetime of expertise to your organization’s GIS needs.

What’s in the GIS Express Checkup?

Online Questionnaire

We provide you and your staff with an online questionnaire. Our Senior Strategic Planners use the results from the anonymous questionnaire to evaluate your organization’s current state of GIS.

On-Site Interviews with Key Staff

Interviews with key staff help the Senior Strategic Planners identify details about your GIS that were not revealed in the questionnaire. Our staff will ask questions about the details of your process, SOPs, organizational strucutre, data accuracy, software, training, and more.

Needs Assessment and Recommendations Report

The end result is a detailed report containing assessments and recommendations in regards to: Governance; Data and Databases; Procedures, Workflow, and Integration; GIS Software; Infrastructure; and Training, Education, and Knowledge Transfer.

What’s the difference between the

GIS Express Checkup and a GIS Strategic Plan?

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

“The GIS Express Checkup was just the tip of the iceberg. We soon realized how much guidance we needed in establishing an enterprise GIS for the County. We decided to continue working with GTG to help us develop a GIS Strategic Implementation Plan. GTG is the best full-service GIS Strategic Planning company- I would recommend them to anyone.” Mary Martin

GIS Administrator, Athens-Clarke County, GA

“GTG conducted an Express Checkup for us, which lead to the creation of our GIS Strategic Plan. Working with GTG has evolved our department- GIS is now enterprise-wide, with a variety of services, training, and mobile solutions. We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are now without GTG.” Patrick Baber

GIS Manager, City of Roswell, GA

“Our City is growing at an enormous rate and it was time to upgrade our GIS to keep up. GTG helped us plan our future and take us to the next level. They were a true safety net!”

Lance Singleton

GIS Supervisor, City of Rockwall, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the GIS Express Checkup?
The GIS Express Checkup is designed to be a quick evaluation of the state of your GIS. The entire process- from waiting for results from the questionnaire and delivering the final report- ranges from four to six weeks depending on the size of your organization.
What's the difference between the GIS Express Checkup and a GIS Strategic Plan?
The GIS Express Checkup is a shortened version of a GIS Strategic Plan. The checkup is ideal for organizations that want a quick evaluation and recommendations. While detailed, an express checkup isn’t nearly as thorough as a full-fledged GIS Strategic Plan. The GIS Strategic Plan is for organizations that want a highly detailed evaluation, recommendations, and multi-year implementation plan- see the comparison chart above. It is common for a GIS Express Checkup to turn into a GIS Strategic Plan.
Do I need the GIS Express Checkup?
Most organizations, even healthy ones, need a GIS Express Checkup to see what they could be doing better, and to keep up with technology. If you are still unsure if you need one, head over to our self-evaluation tool by clicking here and see for yourself how your GIS is doing!
How much does it cost?
The price of the GIS Express Checkup varies depending on the size of your organization. Contact us for a quote.

Need a GIS Express Checkup?